Thanks Val.
I'll look into the MP3 player. I have a what is now ancient recorder but although small for the time, it would be awkward to tote around (especially when I'm loaded down with poop bag, not the tiniest camera and my flip phone -- need more pockets!)

Overall update:

Talked to deputy minutes ago. Will get a hold of him tomorrow and sign for them to be fined. I read him the part of the statutes about "dogs at large" which says they can be sited (or is it cited?) if they are away from property from which the owner can lawfully exclude others. I indicated that although we are on a private road, I didn't think they could exclude anyone from it. If they could, the other neighbors would join me in excluding certain two residents. So something will be done.

I will be looking into the MP3 player because I somehow suspect that I will be cursed for this. Ah well.