Hi Lisa,
I have about 10 pages on the computer documenting the downhill slide of this outfit. Alcoholic surviving spouse of an alcoholic with adult child of alcoholics living in a travel trailer on 5 acres adjoining the main 8 acres with house. House houses surviving alcoholic spouse. Got worse sense the man died. (and I had been led to believe he was the real piece of work...) Couldn't sell it as a soap opera or bad novel because it is too far out there. Sort of like all the police gazette/true romance mags I read as a kid when I was babysitting rolled into one. Would be funny except that it is tragic.
He's a convicted felon and cannot have guns. I think he's smart enough not to do physical harm because he is interested in staying out of jail. The woman is a danger on the road but may have lost her "new" car as I haven't seen it recently.

Go pro would be fun in other instances such as dog training. (What is it they see when they track? How do I look to my dog when she is focusing on me? What is it that she looks at instead of me?) However, this may all be taken care of. He appears to be back to working on a fence.

If they all give up and move, the neighbors will have one hell of a party.