We lost our older female GSD, Sofie, a couple of months ago. Heart breaking to us and leaving our 10 year old male alone for the first time. Sofie was a wonderful dog trainer.

Now we have a new puppy. Standard Schnauzer.

Jack, older guy, growls at pup.

I currently have them separated by see through gate.

It's only been a couple of days.

We've made sure our old guy gets lots and lots of attention.

Jack is almost 100 lbs. Pup is only 8.5 lbs..

Any tips for getting him to accept puppy?

Been 10 years since I've had a baby.

Nothing is as simple as it seems or as complicated as we make it~

Attitude is everything -- Pick a good one!
Sofie AKA Ussina vom Haus Brezel
Jack von Jagenstadt
Tatty - Burmese bad cat