Miss LB is now Firien zu Treuen Händen IPO2 KKL B/HOT. She earned her IPO2 over the last two days with a 85-98-92P 275. We also took high in trial, high IPO2 and high obedience.
Tracking (85) was not up to her normal performance. She had been off in tracking all week so I knew we had a problem going in. Most stressful track I have ever run.
She was ON in obedience (98 pts) though I felt klutzy and cost her one point while she cost the other. Only my second V (excellent) score in obedience so that was quite a thrill.
In protection (92) she thought she should bother the helper a lot (put her feet on him) and was a bit dirty after two bites, but the secondary obedience that we had worked so hard on was excellent.
So, some things to fix before our three (probably next year), but I am happy with my ugly little grey dog. smile
More pictures as soon as I have them.

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Lisa Clark
Zu Treuen Händen
SG1 Deja IPO3 AWD1 KKL1 B/HOT, SG Elena IPO1 KKL CGC B/HOT, LB IPO2 KKL B/HOT (the ugly little sable), Donovan IPO1 TR2 AD and gone, but not forgotten: Vala SchH3 AWD1 FH2 CGC B/HOT, Nike SchH1 OB1 TR3 AD HOT, Treue SchH3 CD CGC HOT