yes, Val, there is truth to your comment.

Yes, after losing Sofie, the world hasn't been normal for Jack. He was the younger of the two and Sofie could put him in his place. I cannot push too far since there is a big difference in theitheyr size.

And, Middleofnowhere, theyre technically terriers, but without the typical terrier personality. The Standard Schnauzer is the original Schnauzer and in the working dog class. Unlike Poodles each size of Schnauzer is a breed of it's own.

They have been Schutzhund dogs, herding dogs and used for protection. The minis were bred down using Affenpinscher, and the giants bred up with Great Danes and or Bouvier des Flanders.

He's willful and not at all daunted by Jack (currently being separated with xpen and baby gates), and he'd just be a mouthful for Jack. At 10 weeks Red weighs in at 12lbs to Jack's almost 100lbs.

I've had lots of dogs but never a situation where I cannot have them together. Sofie would have trained him, but Jack wants to be rid of him.

And Val has a point.. My GSDs are always a bit biased.. toward other German Shepherds

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