Havoc hated Mayhem. I thought he was going to kill her. We kept them separated for months but made sure we did side by side walking every day. At 6 months Havoc decided Mayhem was okay. Havoc does not like puppies. Now that we know this we know how to integrate a new puppy in a few months. Very carefully.

It could be that Jack does not like puppies.

PTE,AC,URO3,AG2,UCD Xtra!Xtra! v. TeMar CDX,GN,RE,CGC,TC,HIC, Bh "Havoc" 6/4/07
PAM, URO3, UCD, UACH Tidmores Rising Star Lydia "Mayhem" CD,BN,RE,AX,AJP,OFP,P1J,CA,DN,HT,TKN,TC,CGCA 4/4/12

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