I'm watching him as he peacefully sleeps on the floor next to me. Such an angel. Later I'll toss a treat into his crate and he'll run in all happy. The crate is on my bed. I like being close to him so its right next to my head. He settles while I go get the other two ready for bed. Everyone gets a cookie (or two) at bedtime every night. So I get those and pass them out, still all is well.

But before I can even turn off the lights all H*ll brakes loose and Kody starts howling out of control. He barks, he whines, he howls for what can last for hours. Honestly, he could be going on longer but after awhile my sleeping pill goes into affect and I'm out like a light. I doubt my neighbors have this same benefit. I mean this guy is really loud.

But anyway, nothing I'm doing has stopped this behavior. I make sure he goes potty before bed, he seems to like the crate enough that he doesn't mind laying in there and its still the right size for him.

I've told him to be quiet, but I'm still speaking a foreign language to him.

I've tried talking to him, telling him stories, etc... No affect

I've put my fingers through the door...he bites them (he's teething and were working on it)... I have to remove my fingers and he howls again

I've had Alexa tell him a story... had the same affect of me telling the story

I've taken him out hoping to comfort him... he wanted to celebrate his freedom, not be comforted.

I end up just ignoring it, but does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to get him to stop this? We have night lights so its not dark in the room. My face is inches from him, he knows I'm right there. I don't get it. I think this started a couple of weeks ago when I changed his bedtime from 9 to 10 but you'd think he'd be even more tired then. He's tired, the little angel is sleeping on the floor right now. He's very active during the day.

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