Rosa, you know we all care so very much for you. But if Kody doesn't have a problem with being in the crate on the floor during the day then the crate should be on the floor at night. You can put the crate on the floor next to the bed, but all of my pups have had a designated crate place close enough that I could hear them at night.

Also get some chill bones or make same thing that you can wet and freeze that Kody can chew on to sooth the gums. Just like kids things always hurt more at night when there aren't other things going on to distract them. I use to have some small cotton rope that I would cut in lengths and tie in the center. You could get a smaller cotton tug chew toy and use it the same way. Soak in water put in a bag and freeze.

I also would freeze bully sticks to help sooth the gums while they are chewing on them.

Of my 5 GSD's only the first one slept on the bed. He was fine the first few nights but wouldn't stop crying. I cut him some slack because he was about 5 weeks old when we got him, so he was use to the cuddle pile when sleeping.

You could also get some stuffed animals to have in his crate as cuddle buddies.
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