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Just wanted to share my blog, K9 Instinct.

I write about training, nutrition, homemade treats, etc!



Did you read the OP? This is the thread where regular members can post their blog.

I did read it and thought it was interesting.

When I first clicked on the site it looked to me like a very nice ad for an LED dog collar - hence I thought it was just an ad. Never realized till I went back to look at the site in more detail that the blog author was simply reviewing the product. It was actually another company that sold the product that the author had gotten a free sample for reviewing it which they stated in the review. Sounds like a good product if one wanted a lighted dog collar.

There were a couple of articles about dog collar products for sale which the author said they received free products for reviewing these collars. One collar was a very cool sounding one with LED lights to highlight the dog for safety and another very cool looking collar as well. Then there were some recipes listed for making types of dog treats.

Thanks for the update about posting links to our own persona blogs - I actually never realized that we were allowed to do that. A good idea and good to know that.

I will certainly keep an eye on this blog for dog training articles - never can learn too much about different ideas about that subject.