Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas! I'm thinking your right, it might be time for Kody to sleep in his crate on the floor. Perhaps being so close to me isn't such a good idea when its time for the little guy to get some rest. He does have a toy in there to snuggle with and is only 13 weeks old.

I have two crates set up for him. There's the big one in the hallway that I use when I have to go out. It's big enough for a full sized GSD. The one that he sleeps in is much smaller.

The howling itself really doesn't phase me, even being so close to me. Sometimes it can hurt my ears a bit but that doesn't bother me. I just don't like knowing he's so upset and also fear his voice is traveling a ways and can likely be heard by the neighbor. That can't go on.

He has a Pup Cycle that I freeze water in and give it to him. That helps some with the teething. I'll have to put his bully stick in the freezer. I'm sure he would love that. Thanks!!!

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