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... Go with "no nonsense" on this.

Rosa, totally agree with what everyone is saying. I laughed out loud when Middle said the above. Not laughing at you Middle - I agree completely with everything you said. But Rosa and "no nonsense" just don't work in the same sentence!! rofl And yes, I AM making fun of you Rosa!!! But you know I love 'ya and I know you'll take it in the spirit intended!! It's okay for him to be a "dog". I know you are shuddering right now... But seriously, you don't want an obnoxious puppy, so as hard as it is for you, treat him like a dog during this time.

Do you really think he's teething, or just trying to get your attention? I thought they didn't start losing their baby teeth until about 4 months, but there is no hard and fast rule on that I'm sure.
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