Update time on the drama out west...

Our day in Court - today. Deputy was in a suit (or sports coat) & I didn't recognize him out of uniform. I was somewhat concerned the neighbor had somehow retained a lawyer!!!

Anyway, I presented my case - 4 pages of dates that the incidents occurred. Including not the most extreme but bad enough language. I also handed over many photographs and indicated that I had more if the court wished them. Neighbor tried to argue that he had no idea the dogs were a problem -- The judge suggested that his cursing me indicated that he did recognize the dogs were a problem. She also admonished him that anyone should be able to walk down that road and I certainly had a right to walk on my property. He was given a rather hefty fine and told that it would be suspended until which time his dogs were again off his property when it would be reinstated. The other party was also heard about his dog being loose. That party did not appear and was given a lesser fine.

I bought ice cream to celebrate. (and other junk too but hey)