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Good Job.

I think if his front leg were under him a bit more it might improve the look of the pastern. If you draw an imaginary line from his elbow to the ground you will see that his front legs are perched out and need to be under him a bit more.

Yes, this is true! It's the first thing I noticed. This picture was just a really quick and dirty in the parking lot thing. Stacked by a friend who happened to be there. I am not sure how he looked in the ring since I was trying my best to focus my ADD brain on my handler and do what she said crazy . If I got too close, he would squirm so I had to be within earshot but not eyesight. People warned me that showing is a lot harder than it looks, and now I understand.

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pretty dog!

What show was he in?

Working line or show line background?

It was an SV conformation show and breed survey put on by Quinebaug Schutzhund Club in Connecticut. Lots of show dogs there but there were plenty of working dogs as well. 60-40, maybe if I had to guess. His class was the largest and there were 4 show dogs and 7 or 8 working dogs. All the show dogs were favored by the judge.

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