Thanks for the kudus.

Got a call from the deputy. (Hey this guy is good) Neighbor (40 yo) has been served - with citation for dogs and restraining order - of course he is not exactly happy but, ya know, his actions have not made me happy. All the authorities in the county (OK it's a big county with a small population) know this family and especially this one. The recent thing is that his 70 yo mother (who is also my neighbor) got arrested for robbery and spent a couple of weeks in lock up.

My thoughts are: If you let jerks intimidate you, they will continue to intimidate you and others. Not good. (I think that is part of what has happened with my neighbor) My mother's "Ignore them and they will go away" is not an effective strategy. On top of that, it had to be done because a neighbor routinely screaming curses at me is not acceptable. And stress producing. So it had to stop. This is the vehicle I have to shut it down. I am happy to have it although frustrated to learn, despite what I was told, that I could have shut it down months ago.

I think I am OK because he cannot near my property or me without going to jail for it - and they will take him in. He might ignore fines but the thoughts are he does not want to go back to jail.