Middle- interestingly enough, dad just bought another shed that now houses my belongings that we have no room for in the house. His plan is that he is going to sell it in a year to get a good chunk of his money back, but in reality, it is housing projects and my stuff that I refuse to get rid of. So my plan is that once I can make enough space in it, it will be either my she-shed, or it will become a guest room/guest house, because we do not have anywhere for company to stay. My kids won't come visit due to lack of a place to sleep (other than a hotel that they can't afford)

In my mind, I know he is just lonely and needs to be needed. I did apply at BiMart and so now when I say I am going there to grab say shampoo, he just HAS to tell me 'if you see that guy (the manager) it wouldn't hurt to talk to him' or if I pick up the dog crate(folded up) to move it from one place or the other he says' hang on a sec and I will help you' ...just little stuff that adds up to grate on every nerve I own. I tell him repeatedly I know how to and am completely capable of conducting my business without his interference, and that IF I need help I will ask for it, but he never refrains from adding his 2 cents. My car recently broke down at work, and when I couldn't solve the issue on my own, I called him for help so he knows I will ask when help is needed.

When I moved him into this house I was selling extra recliners online, and went to his old house to meet someone buying them. We chatted a little bit, and sure enough, dad had to do a driveby. If I stop along the walk with Z to chat with someone, he will do a driveby and I find it absolutely Humiliating that he does that. I feel like I am suffocating under his watch! I can't breathe when he is always hovering.

I hate this.

Still haven't said much to him. When his feelings get hurt he won't talk for days till he gets over it but I am the 'talk it out and move on' type. This time I was so furious that I decided to give him a dose of his own medicine. I want him to apologize for hovering and being intrusive, but he doesn't see he did anything wrong so will never attempt an apology. I just want a little bit of myself back.

PS Like I told dad, he could of simply called and asked if everything was ok instead of doing his driveby crap and it would have avoided all this nonsense.

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