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I am so sorry to read all this. Tell ya what? You can share in my puppy experience. I know its not the same but maybe will help a little.

So sad about your living situation. I'd say don't get rid of anything now. Things change and there will be a day when you will enjoy all that stuff again.


I would love for you to share your puppy! He is adorable and oh so fluffy!

I don't plan on getting rid of anything, so dad is in for a surprise in a year when he wants to sell said shed LOL

So yesterday one of my granddaughters was having a rough day and posted something on Facebook. I replied and told her 'Don't let this define you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and point your mind in a positive direction'. It was then that I realized this was great advice for me to follow too! Made the world of difference in dealing with dad, for sure. Doesn't change my decision on the pup, but made living with dad more bearable.

BUT...(as I sit here chuckling and shaking my head)
This morning he came knocking on my bedroom door at 4am. He said he woke up and heard the garage door closing. He wears hearing aids and does not wear them to bed so he could not have possibly heard the garage door. I say in my sleepy yet ever so intelligent voice 'Huh?' He repeats, then goes to peek into the garage. I get up to go check it out and he says 'I could have been dreaming' to which I have to say 'Ya think?'

I check it out and of course everything is just fine.
Dad goes back to bed and I was wide awake.
7:30am and he is still in bed, snoozing away.
Guess I will have to sneak in a nap later...
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