ROFL Middle! You crack me up!

Dad has wanted to adopt every little dog he has seen forever and I keep saying NO! Because I don't do little dogs, I do big dogs, and because little dogs of unknown origin could have unwanted baggage that would create issues around Z. Plus every dog dad wanted to adopt already had their own loving homes...for real.

I am back on the fence. I told him a little while ago that I cancelled the pup. I mean seriously, he needed some drawer pulls and found them for .59/ea. He needed 8 and said that it was 'too much money'...That was $4.72 for 8 drawer pulls. I told him if that was too much money, $250 (his half of the pup) was definitely too much money ..

Now you and I and everyone in the GSD world know that is an awesome price. $500 for a pup?! I know that I am getting that price because the gal is an old friend of mine. And if I go for it, she has a free ride from her birth home to my home smile Dad will still pay his half.

So I need to know:
What would you all do?
Jump in with both feet?
Or wait?

(PS. Got a letter from BiMart and I did not get the job, but the fanciest hotel in town called and sort of offered me a job waitressing, which I don't want, but I am interviewing tomorrow cause it counts on my job search for unemployment. ) I really have my eyes on Ace Hardware and feel like I would be a better fit there. They have some awesome benefits there too!

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