Bev, I am sorry that you are seriously contemplating not getting the puppy. I have read the last two pages of your posts. I want to add some thing that may or may not help. Some Parents have a hard time not being parents, no matter how old both of you are they at times still see you as a much younger person that they need to help or protect. I have my mom who would move heaven and earth to help or protect me and I have a dad who doesn't even know our house burned down 5 years ago. It is much nicer to have a parent that loves you.

You might want to use part of that approach when setting some boundaries. "Dad I know that at times you still think of me as your little girl, but I am a strong grown woman that you helped raise me to be. You should be proud and happy that I am this person. I love you but I am not a little girl any more, I will always be your daughter." Or something like that.

Good parents just have a hard time not trying to help and protect their kids, bad parents could give a crap less.

I am sure it is difficult for your dad, he still wants to be the dad who helps and protects his daughter, he wants to be the man and in charge (generation thing). Are there any senior resources available in your area. We have a Senior Center in this area, that has all types of activities for seniors. Maybe he could find a hobby, some thing to do.
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