Middle, I think that is part of the problem. I have lived alone for so long and never had interference as I do now through dad so I only had myself to take into consideration.

If dad were completely healthy and I had some hope of no interference from him, I would go for it. And last night that was the last thing I said to him. Upon waking this morning though, it came to me that I very well may face a lot of hardships this year. With mom in a care facility, with dad not being in top shape and of course with Zisso, and questionable finances (unemployment), no sure thing for work at the moment, wanting out of flagging etc. Stability would be better to bring a pup in to.

Z seems to enjoy being the center of attention. I am going to spoil him rotten in his senior years and let him enjoy being the only pet. Save up my $$ and pay for my pup myself so no one (ie: Dad) can have any say in how I raise her.

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Bev~mom to:
Zisso-DOB 09/16/07

R.I.P. Kiki, Nadia, Pepe, and all my other loves from years gone by.