SHeesh! More irrationality decends!! It was quiet for sooo long (maybe all of two weeks)-- but he's baaack! It wasn't him or likely not him anyway but his buddy most likely - twilight after a short horse ride around the property - walking the dogs. Dog from across the road charges my fence while being urgently called "Dennis! Come!" We all know how that goes. Too dark to see which dog it is but.....I am Confronted with "I'll ask you nicely What are you doing?" repeated when I don't answer. Thinking to myself, you jerk, what does it look like? "I'm walking my fence line " I get accused of antagonizing "our dogs" and a bunch of blabber about my property, my fence must have a hole in it, he'll fix it for me if I'll show him where, I must want the dogs on my property or I'd fix my fence.... All pretty unhinged since his property is across the road from mine, my dogs are on my property, these dogs charge across the road from their property to mine, etc. Sigh.
Now I'll admit that I was awakened at 3 something AM this morning from equipment trying to move something across the street. I was awakened because I could here it from inside with my windows closed and BTE 2nd wanted me to know something weird was going on. Thanks. Both to the dog and the neighbor.