I was dropping Abbey off at my mom's for the weekend when a couple dogs decided to show up and be intimidating and obnoxious. One was a little mutt and the other was a full grown, muscular bulldog. They were across the street barking and pacing. We ignored them. They got closer, slowly crossing the street. Abbey was still ignoring them, and I tell Abbey to get back in the backyard where I can gate her and not worry about the dogs. Well, soon as we turned toward the backyard, the bulldog charged. Abbey quickly acted, charging at the bulldog.

I don't think that dog expected her to charge at them! Both the bulldog and the mutt ran away with their tail between their legs! I called her and she came back. I was worried about the bulldog tearing her up but she sure showed him!
She got a special treat smile
Abbey: 10 years old German Shepherd
Suki: 10 years old Calico kitty