They never returned, thankfully. She was staying with my mom's for the weekend and she said they never came back.
Codmaster, Abbey is about 10 years old. She is trained but not that well trained like you think. I know I am lucky! There were times I would call her and she'd ignore me. I think I had a tone that she recognized that she had to heed. Bulldogs can be destructive. She's very protective of her family. We have been in enough situations where a dog charged at us and I know how she handles it. She walks away every time not hurt. And I am thankful she wasn't hurt.

We live in a city with leash laws... But things happen. My husband and I decided we should get another dog. There's gonna be a day that Abbey is too old to be the protector dog. We don't want her putting herself in a position where she gets hurt because she couldn't chase off a younger, stronger dog.
Abbey: 10 years old German Shepherd
Suki: 10 years old Calico kitty