I'm so sorry, Rosa. frown Sean had the same problem but not do to DM. He was losing muscle mass in his legs and rear, as well as control of his bowels. He would also have accidents in his sleep or when he did have to go he couldn't get up in time to make it out to the yard. Therefore, he'd drop a poop or two on the way to the door. He slept on an old area rug in the living room so we put extra padding underneath it for him and cleaned it constantly. We didn't want to confine him to a room, we felt that was unfair to him. After he passed we threw the rug out. The floors downstairs are all hardwood so it made clean ups easy. Honestly I don't have anymore tips or advice to help you but I'm sure others whose pups have or had DM can weigh in.
Thinking of Eil and you. hugging

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