OH wow thank you all so very much for these responses we did our homework from Tuesday at home Wednesday just fine no issues i even took Max on a hike at park across street left work early to beat darkness. We got there for our class last night and there were only 2 other doggies in our class. Its a huge warehouse the walls do not go all the way up so you can hear other classes. The agility course is on other side of wall and lots of yelling and noise so half way in to class Max got very nervous agitated again. There was 1 other shepherd pup in our class which he would not stop trying to get at and barked so loudly. Our teacher had us leave early and said not to bring him back. Said it would make him worse to be there in class setting with noise from other class. I did pay in advance and i want to do this training with my dog he is such a good boy and super smart just very large for his age and very intimidating. She saw how upset she had me so she asked me to email her she will meet up for 5 private classes 30 mins each with just Max and I. Im not giving up on my boy and his training i know we can do this. He is such a good boy he will be 1 year old December 9th.