Thank you every one. The girl who is in charge knows and will keep us in mind and will look for one. Also I was speaking to the lady of the local dog rescue and she gave me the name of a few rescues to keep in mind.
I don't know if I mentioned this but if this is a repeat please forgive me.
Palla was my 'service' dog. More a therapy dog I guess. She knew things about me before I did and was always there for me. When she passed away, Larka took it upon her self to step in. I have multiple illnesses which has caused me to have deep depression. Palla and Larka always knew when I needed them.
The dog I just lost out on had a calm loving personality with a great mothering ability. I really thought she would be easy to adapt to my needs.
Yes, she is out there somewhere. She will never replace my girls, but maybe she will need me as much as I need her.
Loki 8/23/08,& Augie, bday-11/13 Gday-3/14,
Larka 1/4/06-8/16/17 Palla, 7/16/06-6/10/16 you were the tree that gave me shelter, the rock that gave me strength, for ever in my heart, until my journey has run its length. I will always love you.