I too am in shock. Yesterday started out like any other day. Everything was fine. She had her breakfast, I even gave did her little nails in the morning.

About 11 I sat down at the table and looked over at her in the bedroom. I rushed to her as it was clear she was struggling. She was seizuring (seizure-ing). I called the Vet to say not to go to lunch that something was wrong with Shoshi and I was going to get her there.

I couldn't lift her but got her as far as the front porch. I was screaming for help and a neighbor came over but again, we couldn't lift her. I called the Vet screaming that I needed help and they were on the way. I've got to say they were such a blessing.

It was likely about 10 mins and they were here with a van. The seizure didn't stop.

I followed them to the Vets where they began to work on her. The seizure wouldn't stop. They struggled to get a vein, but finally were able to do so. Her heart was working but she was struggling to breathe. At that point, I told them it was time.

I held her close the whole time. I have never loved anything so much as I did my Shoshi.

Proud Mom to Eli and Kodiak
and never to be forgotten, Shiloh and Shoshi
Every dog deserves to have a human that thinks its the greatest dog that ever lived!