The saga continues -
I sat in on a court session where he was up for a pre-trial conference. That was put off until this Wednesday because all the local attorneys (public defender types I think) were "conflicted" - which probably means they've dealt with him before.

The dog issues go back to court January 5.

However, the other issue (yes, there is another one) involves him screaming curses. My dogs think I need to be inside and awake and aware when this happens. He's something like 400 feet away (probably more like 500) from my house yet can be heard quite clearly, often with the doors and windows shut. This morning it started about 7:45 or 7:30. I do not think these are directed at me - but likely either his gf or mother.

This is too frequent to continue.

I just made my guardians get off my feet and out from under the computer - it wasn't easy. the Barker Sisters 2d think I need protecting. I think he needs shut down.

For those of you thinking of moving in retirement (or any time) - perhaps a check with law enforcement/court records would clue you in. I didn't have any reservations, so I didn't check.,.

The view from my house is terrific though. I do have good neighbors except for the one place.