Oh, Rosa, I just read this and am heartbroken for you. Shoshi was such a beautiful, sweet, and so loved girl. I'm glad that you were able to tell her your secret before she passed, and it is really amazing that you picked that particular night to tell her. I think it can be a blessing when they go quickly instead of after a long, painful illness. She had such a wonderful and happy life with you. The hardest thing is to miss them so much when they aren't with you physically anymore, but I believe that you will be reunited with her someday. And in the meantime, you have two wonderful boys to spoil and to comfort you. Take care, Rosa. Heidi, Dave, and I will be thinking of you and sending you many healing thoughts and hugs. hugging
Karin and Dave

Heidi, 12-year-old GSD
Adopted on 10/14/07 from: German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (http://www.savegsd.org)

Sheba, GSD/Malamute angel