This is one of the pictures I saw that made me want to go research more about her. We need a dog that is cat friendly.

I contacted Emily Garza with Illinois Doberman Rescue via Facebook and asked if I was within their adoption area. We were so I filled out the application. A few days later we were approved and set a date to go meet (Neibla) now called Neilla.

A Great Pyrenees was on my list of dogs that we would want.

Meet Neilla and she was a typical big puppy that was short on training, but long on brains. She maybe almost 3 years old, but her actions are very much like a puppy that needs structure and love.

Neilla rides in the vehicle like a champ.

I think I would like to come and ride in the front seat with you. I needz lotsa love and hugs.

OK, that is the way things are going to be Iz will just tend likes youz no there eziber.
Val da Tiger

Fuzzybutt the cat.
Neilla the Big White puppy.

RIP Cheyenne - AKA: Digger, CheyChey Girl, Cheyenne Large and In charge. 2/16/02 - 2/27/16
RIP Raya - AKA: Raz-a, Ray a Sunshine, RayBestos, the little one, Silly Girl. 9/21/05 - 6/27/14
RIP Lakota - AKA: Bubba, Big Boy, BooBoo (the other part of the Binky and BooBoo team). 1/19/03-9/19/2011
RIP DeeDee - AKA: DD Poo, Little Bit, Binky (part of the Binky and Booboo team) 6/23/02-6/20/11