Making huge progress on Neilla's digestive issues. Starting to cut back on the Beef and Oatmeal and upping the kibble. As you know most of us here are somewhat obsessed with dog poop. Finally she has firm formed poop. More groceries are helping her become more settled.

Had an incident with my mom on Sunday that made me question what happened. Neilla seemed to like my mom we did treats and pets. When we were getting ready to take my mom home, my mom was giving her some pets and turned to head towards the door and Neilla went off barking and lunged at my mom. Luckily Bill was right there and grabbed Neilla's collar or my mom would have been on the floor. Neilla's teeth made contact with my mom's arm. I was very concerned because of the outburst.

Yesterday I got a truer picture of what happened. Neilla did almost the exact same thing to Bill. Neilla is pushy and tries to dominate others, not me, but she didn't want Bill to leave she wanted him to stay and pet her more. I had tried to tell Bill that she was pushy and not to give her to much freedom. She needs rules and structure right now, no more getting down on the floor with her until she understands that humans are higher ranked that she is. Neilla's room is the Laundry Room and it has the door to the garage, I come and go out of the Laundry Room and she has no problems with me, moves out of my way I can either give her a few pets or just walk past and no problems, so I need to get Bill to make her earn her attention not demand it. She is sneaky with her demanding, but I see it.

We are still a work in progress with Neilla and Fuzzybutt. Fuzzy is starting to feel more comfortable and Neilla isn't going quite as berserk when she sees her. That is a step in the right direction.

Working on "Down" command. We do puppy push ups "Sit" "Down" "Sit". She is getting the down a little faster now. Next week when she has a chance to have more food, I want to start working on "Leave It"

Neilla wasn't drinking enough water for my liking and eating snow when she was outside. I had a nice 5 quart pan that was enameled inside, she apparently didn't like that, I gave her a Stainless Steel dish and she drank water.

Gotta love these dogs that are smart and know what they want.
Val da Tiger

Fuzzybutt the cat.
Neilla the Big White puppy.

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