I wanted to update this thread in case it helps anyone in the future. Eli is doing great!!! groovy He's on two medications every twelve hours.

He's gets Loperamide and Amitriptyline at 7am and 7pm sharp. For him his feeding schedule is critical as well. He gets fed at 8am and 6pm. This way I pretty much know when he's going to poop and I'm able to take him out.

I use to think it funny that Eli use to bark when he pooped. Nothing like announcing that to the world. Well this has helped me to no end. Theres something about his barking that causes him to poop. So what do I do now? I get him to bark and sure enough he poops!!!! The best part is he is so pleased when he goes potty outside wub

We still have accidents. No biggie. But for the most part all this is helping and accidents are rare. I just wanted to share this in case it helps others.

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