Oh, one thing I forgot to tell you guys is Neilla is a Kleptomaniac. She loves to steal things. The first damage was the afternoon we got home, I HAD an insulated shirt hanging in the laundry room. Yes HAD it got ripped as she was trying to get it off the hook. I never gave my hanging cloths a thought because my Sheps always left my things alone.

I am almost thinking it might have been a way for her to get attention. I have a terry cloth towel on the bench in the laundry room, she keeps taking it off. Today I picked it and was folding it telling her it was mine and she had to stop stealing it. She ducked her head and backed away like I beat her. Maybe it was one of those things she did to get attention. I am going to try just picking it up and not saying any thing to her. Maybe I can get her to stop if the attention stops.
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Neilla the Big White puppy.

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