Rosa, Good advice!

I always make sure I keep Gas X on hand and I am still giving it. Makes me feel better even if it is funny how he drools when I give it to him. I have poked and prodded him all day and nothing seems amiss. No noticeable pain, tummy is a little tight but not hard this afternoon. He is very clingy, and that is not really him. I will go get the box fan in a bit and try that tonight.

Thank you for responding do quick!

PS We were just at the vet last week because of one ear. He had been acting like it was infected again (Had an ear infection last May) and I have had to clean with with special solution, every other day and put steroids in it daily. I stopped all treatments yesterday. It was very dirty but not infected this time. Of course he wasn't acting restless when we were there last week either so of course we couldn't address it. Ughhh, I hate it when something is wrong! This is the exact reason why I decided against getting a pup right now though. Older dogs can get expensive!

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