I think that's a great idea Bonnie had to check for a UTI. They do make humans act very strangely and from what I've heard, can do the same for dogs. Just wanted to mention Golden Paste since you're feeding Turmeric. If you are on Facebook there is a group called Turmeric User Group. It's run by an Australian veterinarian who developed the paste and several scientists. It fascinating to read the things that Turmeric can help - in humans, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Anyway, here's the recipe for the paste. They explain in the group why this paste is more effective (for animals and humans) than feeding straight Turmeric. It's easy and inexpensive to make. I buy the organic ground Turmeric in the spice aisle at the health food store. It's about $3 and it makes several batches of the paste.
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