So here is a question about treating our dogs when feeding them. Seems like there are to schools of thought about "training' them so they o not develop resoure guarding aggression if disturbed while they are eating.

One says give them their food (bowl?) and leave them alone and they won't feel like they have to protect their food and thus will not become possesive about it.

The other school says one must train them to accept the owner (at least the owner and maybe other folks as well). This approach says train the puppy from the beginning they must accept someone touching or even taking their food and they must not react with any bad behavior - i.e. growl or even a snap. Different details in this approach - trade with "higher" value, drop some goodies into bowl as one touches it, etc. or maybe just take bowl very briefly and give it right back with a lot of praise and happy talk.

I have known folks who have used either approach and got it to work.

What do you think and use?

I have never owned a dog who showed any aggression to me, family and even people whom the dog knew when interupted while eating. they even allowed our then small child to reach into their bowls and feed the kibble to them piece by piece while waiting patiently for our son. Other dogs were a different story with a couple, though.

One large male GSD would even let most anyone hold the end of a Bully stick while he chewed the other end!

I am curious as to what others have done. I realize maybe a different approach can be used with a dog acquired as a small puppy than one gotten as an adult (i.e. rescue, as we did recently)