Ok- so we managed to get into the vet last night. Last appt of the day. No UTI. Vet can't find anything wrong. I checked the house and all seems to be well. We do get a lot of wind here and the day this started the wind had howled during the night so bad it woke me up once. Usually when he tries to go under my desk there is fireworks or thunder going on, but there isn't any right now.

Z howled or cried out at 5am, but that is usually him dreaming-nothing unusual.
He seems to be more comfortable when the house is warm, until his coat makes him too hot so I tried the fan, and he was still restless until he wasn't. The walk didn't seem to phase him earlier and we went farther than we would normally, and into unfamiliar territory for new smells.

This morning he is quiet. Relaxed. Resting in his crate. Like normal. If anything here is normal, since my brother is here indefinitely. Z would sleep on the couch or dad's spare bed before my brother came, but now he gets neither one. Brother keeps couch occupied with his computer at night and Z isn't allowed in the bedroom any more at all. Maybe he just aches more from sleeping on the floor? LOL

Either way, my wallet is lighter and we have no answers. Maybe I am just going crazy!
Bev~mom to:
Zisso-DOB 09/16/07

R.I.P. Kiki, Nadia, Pepe, and all my other loves from years gone by.