Merry Christmas to you all! Especially you crack me up. Z's Christmas gift was a few trips to the vet. I am not so sure that him acting up now is over the eviction from couch and bedroom though-bro has been here since Oct 28. I do think that perhaps the cold and a bit of arthritis is causing some discomfort though. Either way, I can rest easy knowing there is nothing major medically. Also, I just ordered my own ear scope (Otoscope) so I can see in his ears. That will be helpful in keeping this ear clean. I am so not comfortable doctoring it 'blind'. Plus when he has future problems with this ear, I can look first before going to the vet. It was only $7, and will pay for itself the first time it saves us a trip to the dreaded vet. I am grateful he didn't have a problem with a tooth since that could prove to be extra spendy.

In other news, I guess my mom has been doing a good deal of traveling in her world-Disneyland and Florida last week! It's getting hard to keep up with such a busy lady smile We will have her here for Christmas dinner, and then maybe she will settle down for awhile. Dad is fat and sassy, bro has given up on his house ever being ready to move in. It is very discouraging that the builder worked hard all summer, but as soon as he came back here, the builder slowed to a snails pace. I know he wants to go home so badly!


Hope you all enjoy the Holidays!
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Zisso-DOB 09/16/07

R.I.P. Kiki, Nadia, Pepe, and all my other loves from years gone by.