In the beginning, we establish our place in the family by feeding them after we eat. When it is time to feed them, they both sit and wait for our release command to eat. If one tries to get up toward the bowl before we give the release, we take the bowl away. I haven't had a dog that showed aggression, but a growl can sometimes be a bad manner thing. It does have to do with how the dog was raised.

Every once in awhile, I would randomly take the food away in the middle of a feeding to ensure no protective attitude has developed. This is more because I have young children so if there are any sign of guarding or aggression over food, my husband and I can start feeding Abbey in the crate and figure out the next step. Fortunately, that has not happened. She's been really great to us the past 9 years smile
Abbey: 10 years old German Shepherd
Suki: 10 years old Calico kitty