Middle, yeah, my thought process is slow...takes me extra long to pinpoint things these days. Sometimes I feel like I headed the same direction as my mom...then I get mad and determined to not let myself go nuts wink anymore than I already am, anyway. LOL

It is warmer here than last year. Snow is nearly melted in yard. Z is much better with the shorter hair on his feet. We got an excellent game of fetch in yesterday and had I Not binge watched a scary show last night, we would of had a great night. I dread tonight with fireworks since he is so terrified of them, but hoping Melatonin will help us both.

My brother is getting his house in about a week! We had a chat with the builder the other day to pin him down on the progress and get a rough date. Carpet and appliances, and plumbing all go in next week. So then Z will get his bed(s) back...the spare bed in dad's room and the couch.

Happy New Year my friends!

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