Happy New Year my friends!

Last night was the most Amazing one I have had since bringing Z home in '09!

I gave him 20mg of Melatoin at 10pm, and let him out of my room. I took some also and went to sleep. He woke me up shortly after midnight freaking out, I let him up on the bed and turned TV back on. He settled down very fast, and at some point in the night he was too hot and I let him back out. That was the best New Year's Eve sleep I have ever gotten!

I think it was helpful to have it so cold last night that people stayed in and that I was already zonked out so maybe that helped him be calmer. We had a good day and a good night. I couldn't be happier. Now I look forward to a good year. Who knows what 2018 will bring but I am positive it will be great !
Bev~mom to:
Zisso-DOB 09/16/07

R.I.P. Kiki, Nadia, Pepe, and all my other loves from years gone by.