I just wanted to start a thread on my dear sweet Eli. He's 11 years old. A recent vet visit showed his weight at 126 lbs which is pretty steady. He's not overweight, he's huge! Of course, being so large is extra hard on his joints eek

Medically, he has osteoporosis in his front elbows and DM in the back. He has an enlarged heart, small irregular kidneys and his liver isn't exactly 100%.

Despite all this my little trooper keeps on going! His spirit and love for life continues. He plays with his brother Kody and even shows interest in toys again. So how are we doing this?? Let me share in case it can help anyone else. Please understand that each case is different and in so many ways I've been blessed with his responses.

For the DM and the dragging of his back feet I had shoes fitted with metal plates so they (the metal plates) scratch the ground instead of his feet. Without the plates his shoes would only last one or two walks as the rubber would just get worn away. Our walks are pretty limited now, I don't want to go far from the home in case he were to go down. But he so enjoys his walks.

His back legs are pretty wobbly and have been for some time. The good news is that it hasn't gotten worse. In addition to walks I give him massages and stretches and range of motion excercies each day.

His fecal incontinence is pretty much under control with the meds (mentioned in that thread) and the behavior modification. He's really got the barking and pooping down to an art!!! I feed him on a strict time schedule and try to never leave him alone for more than a few hours. It's not so much about me having to clean up a mess but I don't want him feeling bad about having an accident.

Pain management has been a top concern for me. He's on Adequin injections monthly. He also takes Gallaprant and Tramadol daily. Recently I started him on CBD. I bought some pills from Canna-Pet but also found some cookies for dogs at the medical marijuana dispensary. We've just started the cookies and so far so good. I also have him on Glucosamine supplements with turmeric and Cholodin for mental awareness.

I took him to the Vet recently for a pain check and am thrilled that we seem to have things under control.

Eli has been a wonderful and devoted friend for 11 years. I am so thankful to be able to pay him back with the loyalty he has given me. I'm hoping that something about his journey might help others. I will continue to update as I learn more and am open to any suggestions others may have. I wish he could do some water based therapy but with his fecal incontince that is not an option.

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