Thanks for your kind responses. Eli was diagnosed about a year and a half ago (I'll have to look that up for everyone) after all other conditions were eliminated through testing. This is why I'm sharing this. NOT that I have the cure, oh how I wish that were true. But just to share a little bit of hope that we've had.

By the way the picture above was taken when he got a new pair of shoes but before I put the plates on them. I'll share a picture of that soon, got to take one. The problem was all the shoes would be torn apart and worn down in the front from all the dragging. I had first taken the shoes to a shoe repair place hoping they would fit them with some type of plate but they were no help at all. I then thought of a sheet metal worker and that maybe they could help.

Went down with the shoes and a lot of positive vibes and conveinced the guy he could do it!!! It wasn't hard, I just needed some plates I could cement on to the end. I've since worked with one other sheet metal worker and both have been amazing. Eventually the plates would wear off and break but I keep extras around and am always able to attach a new plate.

I'm amazed every day that Eli is still walking. With his osteoarthritis in the front a cart for the back is not an option. He has gone down in the back at times but we manage. I call it 'the power of Mom' when I'm actually able to lift him up and get him back on his feet, but it works.

Proud Mom to Eli and Kodiak
and never to be forgotten, Shiloh and Shoshi
Every dog deserves to have a human that thinks its the greatest dog that ever lived!