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Rosa, you are doing some amazing things for your beloved boy. I just started Sammy on CBD oil also. I bought the human version because it's more concentrated and is cheaper than buying a brand made just for animals. This sounds weird since I live in a state where I can buy anything, but I ordered from Lazarus Naturals (Seattle based) based on many recommendations from people using it for dogs. It's a very good brand.

Thanks for the recommendation Kris, I'll check them out. Right now were using Holistic Hound but I'm new at this so I'm sure I'll need to try different things before we find what is best for him.

I would really love to get him off, or at least cut down on the amount, the Gallipant (sp?) as its so darn expensive for a dog his size. Unfortunately, there is no generic for this and with Eli's kidney/liver issues its the best RX I can get for him.

I would love to hear how Sammy is doing on it so please keep us posted.

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