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Rosa, are you getting the galliprant rebates. I got $20 back for each of Buddy's scripts. If Eli has a higher dose, it could be $30.

Go to elanco.com to check it out. The code is galliprant30.

It helped Buddy so much. His cbd oil was in capsules by PetReleaf. I was fortunate to be able to order them through the store where I worked, so it was less expensive for me. Still about $58.00 though each month.

I would have done anything for him, just as you do for Eli. Here a lucky guy to be part of your pack.

I wasn't aware of that, thank you so much Bonnie!!! Every little bit helps and that will be a big help to me! Eli gets two 60mg tabs a day so I'm thinking that would be 30.00 back each month groovy I'm heading over to that website now!

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