Thanks for the suggestion. I recently brought out a harness I had bought for Shiloh but its a bit small for Eli. I've got it out now and plan to try to retrofit it for Eli. If it works I can use it on him, otherwise I will need to buy a size bigger but this is a great suggestion.

Right now my big thing is pain management. I'm really hoping to get him off or at least a reduction in the amount of Galliprant that he takes. Its just so expensive for a pup his size. I have began CBD oil. Of course, its all a learning experience. I originally bought from Canna-Pet but found out they aren't that good. So I went with one that Kris recommended.

The big problem with pain management is that Eli has both Kidney and Liver issues and as a result, he can't take most pain meds. So far I haven't found an affordable option which is why I'm so hopeful with the CDB oils.

I assess him each day, trying to figure out what's working and what's not. But if anyone has any other suggestions for pain relief for a dog with kidney and liver issues please don't hesistate to let me know.

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