They are starting to require the flu vax at daycare right now, so I'll be trying to get jazz exempted. I do have a letter from her internal medicine vet.

I did some research and I don't think they have done full duration of immunity studies on it, but it appears that duration is not long-lived. They accepted her waiver for bordatella, so hopefully they will also accept it for the flu vax. I completely understand why a very busy daycare center would want to do everything it can to protect itself. I did find an article by jean dodds that addressed my concerns about the flu vax not being modified for current strains, so I would predict, over time, as more dogs use the vaccine, the less effective it will be as the strain(s) mutate, if they don't modify what's in it.

Now I need to figure out if that vaccine produces viral shedding that will pose a risk to her if she is around every dog who is shedding the vaccine over the next month or so because they have been recently vaccinated. She is vit D deficient, so I'll be sure to keep that up, since it sure helped me when I had the flu. (edit: it appears that these are killed vaccines, so should not expect shedding, which is a good.)

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