Eli is doing amazingly well and Mama is off with a new idea on how to help him more.

I'm thinking of making a custom type cart for him. The problem with carts on the market is that they support the back of the dog while letting the dog walk with their front legs. Well Eli can't do one of these because his front legs are likely worse than his back. So this got me thinking. What would help Eli more would be something that would support his body while allowing all legs to move as much as possible.

That's when I thought Eli really could use a full body support. Something that would take the weight off him while allowing him the freedom of walking. Your going to have to use a bit of your imagination to 'see' what I'm thinking but bare with me on this.

I'm thinking my sheet metal friend could use a piece of sheet metal to mold the bottom of Eli's body. The measurements would have to be exact and I would need to pad the top that would come in contact with his body. From that we could attach legs and wheels. We could make it so that I slip it under him and then somehow move a lever and lock it into place so that its snug against his body. The idea is again to take the weight off his legs and yet use his legs for walking.

What do you think??

Proud Mom to Eli and Kodiak
and never to be forgotten, Shiloh and Shoshi
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