I have nothing but good things to say about our local emergency clinic. It's a regular veterinary practice with specialists as well as offering emergency services. When Keefer bloated around 8 PM on a Sunday night last August, we rushed him there, I walked up to the counter and said I thought it was bloat, and they called back for someone to come up to the lobby and get him immediately. They asked his name, his age, any medications, then whisked him back for an exam. They did x-rays and put him on fluids, confirmed it was bloat with 180 degree torsion and gave us our options. They thought based on his normal lactate level that we caught it early enough that he had a good chance of surviving. Elevated lactate would indicate tissue damage. We opted to do the surgery.

They had a surgical team on call who were fortunately available, so they estimated he'd be on the table by 10 PM, and that we'd get an update around midnight. Since we lived so close we decided to go home and wait for the call. We heard from her at 11:30 that everything went well. The surgeon also had a GSD, which was nice. It was very expensive, but I have no regrets. Even at nearly 12 (he bloated 5 days before his birthday), he bounced right back from the surgery and is doing very well. They saved his life.