Hey folks! so thanks any who hit my resurrected site, i did get some hits from here, stas seem to be working, at least for the pages i bothered to tweak.
Been wondering how many active users this site actually has anymore, what with all the changes since it first started. Course, with the way folks have been abandoning FB, it may be that more return. who knows? any thoughts?

btw, Radar has his big teeth now, I managed to collect 4, 2 fangs and 2 molars. He's about 60lb. wakes up bigger than when he passed out. Been here 6 weeks, is 5.5 mos. Chases the cat regularly, gets Cubby, the Pom, giving him what for about it. Gets noisy, but all things considered, they're getting on very well.

I pup sat both this guy's grandma's years ago. I see them in there. It's pretty cool!

Feeling blessed!