Last week my neighbors (who live in a garage next door frown ) got a puppy. It's a little 8 week old pit bull. Sadly, they leave this puppy outside almost constantly. The poor pup cries and throws itself against the door trying desperately to get inside most of the day and into the night. There is a crate out there for 'shelter' but that's it. There's no toys, there's nothing there. I told the owners how upset the poor pup was thinking maybe they didn't know any better but that didn't work.

At times I hear him screaming at the pup. Its really sad because I can pretty much guess the bleak future for this pup.

My concern is having Kody exposed to this. Sometimes he'll sit on our porch looking over for the longest times. He'll turn his head from side to side as if he's trying to figure out whats going on over there. I'm just worried that this might make my boy sad. I assure him he will never be treated like that but how much do you think he really understands? He's just a baby himself.

Am I just being an overly protected Mom? We spend a lot of time sitting on our front porch and I just want Kody's mental health to be as good as his physical health. I don't want him worrying if that's what happens to dogs. Oddly enough, I can block out all that noise for the most part. I'm just worried about Kody.

Just want to add, if they do anything illegal in their treatment of the pup I would call the Humane Society really fast. I don't have a problem with that at all. Unfortunately, there's nothing illegal about what they are doing (except living in an illegal garage unit). Housing in the bay area is awful. I get it that some people have no choice but to live in garages and places like that. I don't hold that against them, but adding a pup like they have is just awful.

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